Dawn Weinberger, Freelance Writer

Professional. Reliable. Resourceful.

Dawn Weinberger's work for The Business Journal in Portland regularly exhibits reporting savvy and strong writing skills. Dawn's stories contain creative leads and display clear, concise writing. Dawn also meets or beats deadlines, works cooperatively with editors and establishes a good rapport with people she interviews.

Robert Goldfield
Focus Editor
Portland Business Journal

You know how it is: Sometimes, you find writers who are great with words but not great with deadlines or research. Or you find writers who are reliable and can find the most obscure facts around, but their writing comes up short. With Dawn, I get the best of both: She's enthusiastic about any article she writes, and it shows in her writing. She never takes the easy way out, instead you can tell that she strives to come up with most creative and interesting way to write the simplest sentences. I always know I can count on her to follow through with whatever assignment I give her.

Megan McMorris
Competitor NW magazine

Dawn Weinberger has been a contributing writer to myRegence.com for nearly three years. In that time, she has written articles on everything from sleep to alternative medicine to domestic abuse. She's a versatile writer and consummate professional, mixing thorough reportage with engaging prose. It’s always a pleasure to work with her.

Franny French

What impressed me most about Dawn was her willingness to jump into a new project with both feet. Although she'd never written medical news before, when I hired her to work on the Portland Physician Scribe she didn't hesitate about any of the stories I assigned to her. Also, her writing style brought a fresh energy to the paper and added to it a unique voice. Dawn most certainly is an asset to any publication she joins.

Ekta Garg
Former Editor
The Portland Physician Scribe

Whether it's a very big, complicated story or a short, colorful piece needed in a hurry, Dawn comes through with thorough, spot-on reporting and clear, well-written and organized stories. She did a masterful job on a cover article for our regional trade magazine and made a rather technical subject approachable. She has become my go-to writer in Portland.

Beth Luce
Former Editor
Northwest Meetings & Events magazine

About Dawn

I began my journalism career in 1995 as a reporter for a Seattle-area weekly newspaper. A move to Portland, Ore. led to a slight diversion, and I found myself composing press releases, newsletter articles and ad copy instead of the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative pieces I had always dreamed of writing (a dream I have long since gotten over).

In 2002, I decided to leverage my diverse background by becoming a freelance writer, something that had been in the back of my mind since I first heard the term "query letter" from a professor in one of my journalism classes at Western Washington University.

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